Watercolour painting

by Jingru Li

Watercolor is fascinating, and some similar to the Chinese ink, draw the spirit of the object, not just the appearance of things, and this is a very difficult place, if you like this feeling, you need to change the way of thinking, from my personal Experience, learning watercolor, but also helped me to change a lot of persistent ideas and things on the point of view.

Freehand, the beauty of oriental aesthetics, the object of observation is from the inside out, painting the object of the state of life.

Such as appreciation of literature, good text, a few lines of a few words, painting is the same, only a few lines, perhaps endless world.

I have been trying to do subtraction, painting, life is the same.

Art is a multi-way, in fact, is the purpose of a return to human nature, music, poetry, philosophy, painting, etc., each different forms of art can let us learn how to expand their understanding, faded those seemingly Important things, back to the real self-demand, that is, everyone's own spiritual home, your faith is your own, when you build their own cultural spirit, it is a simple and full of happiness and happiness, enough to abundance of our whole Life, strong and quiet, we can sincerely go back to our own, experience the reason why people are real.