Jing Art teacher/artist

Jingru began to learn art in 1998 and received a degree in graphic design in 2004. She founded her own art studio in Melbourne in 2013. She has 5 years experience of teaching painting. Because of the pandemic, she began to deliver teaching online, and has been doing so for over a year. Using her many years of art teaching experience, she makes complicated paint processes simpler and clearer for students. This helps students progress and develop their own artistic style, making it easier for students to understand and use different painting skills. This also makes it easier for students to understand their own inner sensibility leading to expression of their feelings and spontaneous creativity through art. Her unique teaching style which developed over many years, encourages students to remain relaxed while making art. She feels fortunate to be able to share her skills and experiences of art because she herself benefits so much from the process of teaching it.

Wendy Art therapist/Art Teacher (6-14 years old kids)

Wendy has loved drawing, painting and playing music for over 25 years, even during her busiest times of study and work. After finishing a Bachelor Degree of Medicine in her home country, she completed a Master degree in Melbourne and became an Occupational Therapist. This led to a change in focus from " treating health conditions" to " improving wellbeing". While working as an OT for the past five years, she has long had an inner calling for integrating art with her work, which inspired her to do extra study in art therapy. As she slowly married art therapy and OT together, she discovered that the process of exploring a meaningful theme through art and converversation, could really open a new path of connection with herself and others. She enjoys every minute of her work!

When Wendy was still learning watercolour painting with Jingru, the idea of" running art class together for children" started as a little seed. After a year of planning, researching and testing on kids and ourselves, our dream of Mindful and Creative Art Class for Children is becoming a reality!

Booking email:

Mob: 0487 081 385

Facebook: Jingru Li

Facebook Studio : Watercolor & Drawing Online Classes

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