Long-term Watercolor & Drawing Face-to-Face Art Course

Wednesday  (Olinda)

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

$30/session  $26/ Concession

$280/10 sessions  $250/ Concession

Watercolour lessons step by step
Step 1 Share photos and introduce what we painting today. about10 minutes.
Step 2 Share some painting 
techniques, such as how to mix colors, how to draw shapes and build color layers. about 10 minutes.

Step 3 Students doing the practice in the rest of the time, During this time, the teacher will help and guide the students individually.
Ask questions at any time if you have any. After completing the practice, you can show your artwork to the teacher at any time and get feedback.


This is a long-term course. Classes are held at a fixed time each week. The courses are Wednesday(face-to-face) and Saturday (online). This course is mainly aimed at people who want to have a deeper understanding of painting through long-term learning. 

What you will learn 

Painting courses cover the use of watercolours. The subject matter of the painting is also wide, and there are flowers. There are landscapes, animals, still life, and so on. Learn about watercolours through different themes every week, and understand how art helps and influences in our lives. Maybe you will find that the perspectives you see are more multifaceted and the colours are more. May be more interested in things, more enjoy simple things, easier to discover beauty.

Who this course is for

This course is suitable for people who want to participate in long-term courses and deep learning. In a group, we accompany each other to discover and create beauty.

How to join the class

Email class information and pictures about painting topics, The day before the class starts.
Because painting topics are different every week.

You can take one course, 10 lessons, and continue to take the class in this way, or you can take short-term courses that we have clearly defined themes, such as flower courses, landscape courses, etc. We also glad you come to trial class. We have classes every week in this course, and the subject matter of each week is different.

How to pay

We will send the invoice via Email with our bank details, please transfer to us. In addition, we also publish on other ticketing websites, and you can also pay from there. The link is as follows:


When the class is on vacation:
We will take a vacation on public holidays. so you can register and book at any time.

Student takes leave:
If you are enrolled for a term course but need to take time off during the course, the class hours will be reserved for you until you 
return to continue.

You can also use these remaining hours for others, And used for all our classes.

Preparing before starting the watercolour class


  1. Waterproof pen, 2B pencil, eraser.
  2. A box of watercolour paints, according to your budget.
  3. Two jam jars to hold water. One for cleaning the brush, and one for mixing colours. or use a sponge to clean your brush.
  4. A round paint brush, size 0 6 12 & Chinese brush.
  5. watercolour paper 180g or 300g.
  6. Other painting materials will be notified in advance, according to the needs of the subject
  7. You will need to have an open mind. and be able to trust yourself and just play.

(If you need, we can send a list of brand painting tools we use for your reference.)


Do you have any questions or want to enrol at the classes? 
Please leave the message and we will be with you shortly. 

Booking email: jingruliart@gmail.com

Mob: 0487 081 385

Facebook: Jingru Li

Facebook Studio : Watercolor & Drawing Online Classes

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