Long-term Watercolor & Drawing Face-to-Face Art Course For Beginners

Wednesday  (Olinda)

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

$30/session  $26/ Concession

$280/10 sessions  $250/ Concession

Watercolour lessons step-by-step

Step 1: Introduction (About 5 Minutes)

  • Begin your lesson by sharing reference photos of the subject you'll be painting. This helps students understand what they will create.
  • Provide a brief introduction to the subject and the painting process.
  • Set the tone for a creative and enjoyable learning experience.

Step 2: Painting Techniques (About 10-20 Minutes)

  • Share essential painting techniques, such as color mixing, brushwork, drawing shapes, and building color layers.
  • Explain these techniques clearly and provide tips that can help students achieve better results.
  • Encourage questions from students during this time to ensure they grasp the techniques.

Step 3: Practice and Individual Guidance (Remaining Time)

  • Allow students to work on their paintings, giving them ample time to practice what they've learned.
  • Offer individual guidance and support as needed. Students can ask questions at any time, creating an interactive learning environment.
  • Encourage students to show their work to you for feedback, fostering a constructive feedback loop.

Overall, this lesson plan promotes hands-on learning, individualized support, and the opportunity for students to receive guidance and feedback as they progress. It's a well-rounded approach to teaching watercolor painting step by step.

Course Description:

Are you ready to embark on a captivating journey through the world of art? Welcome to our Long-Term Painting Course, where creativity knows no bounds and your artistic talents are nurtured over an extended and enriching period.

Course Format:

  • Duration: This is a long-term course designed to foster a deep and lasting connection with the world of painting.
  • Weekly Classes: Classes are held at a fixed time each week, offering a consistent and structured learning experience.
  • Class Schedule: Our classes are scheduled for Wednesdays, providing a dedicated time for your artistic journey.

Course Focus:

Target Audience: This course is primarily tailored for individuals who aspire to delve deeper into the art of painting and explore the boundless possibilities it offers.

Continuous Learning: We aim to encourage and nurture a continuous learning journey, allowing students to refine their skills and expand their artistic horizons.

What You Can Expect:

  • Artistic Growth: By committing to this long-term course, you'll have the opportunity to witness significant growth in your painting skills and creative expression.
  • Deeper Understanding: We will guide you to develop a profound understanding of the painting process, techniques, and artistic principles.
  • Community: Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for art, providing mutual support and inspiration.
  • Deeper Understanding: We will guide you to develop a profound understanding of the painting process, techniques, and artistic principles.
  • Community: Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for art, providing mutual support and inspiration.

Who Should Enroll:

Aspiring artists who are dedicated to honing their craft.

Individuals who value the discipline and structure of a regular learning schedule.

Those who seek to explore the transformative power of art over an extended period.

Embark on a journey of artistic discovery, and let the canvas be your companion on the path to self-expression and creative fulfilment. Our long-term painting course is your gateway to a deeper connection with the world of art.

Join us on Wednesdays, and let your artistic begin.

What you will learn 

  • Watercolor Techniques: Students will gain proficiency in watercolor painting techniques, covering various aspects of the medium, including color mixing, brushwork, and layering.
  • Diverse Subject Matter: The courses explore a wide range of subject matter, including flowers, landscapes, animals, still life, and more. This diversity allows students to experiment with different themes and styles.
  • Weekly Themes: Each week, students will have the opportunity to dive into a new theme or topic, providing a fresh and creative perspective for learning.
  • Art's Influence on Life: Your courses go beyond technical skills and aim to help students understand how art can influence their lives. This includes fostering a deeper appreciation for the world around them and finding beauty in simplicity.
  • Multifaceted Perspectives: Through the act of painting, students may develop a more multifaceted view of the world and learn to see things from different angles and perspectives.
  • Enhanced Color Perception: The courses may encourage students to develop a heightened sensitivity to colors, leading to a more vibrant perception of the world.
  • Enjoyment of Simple Things: Art often helps people find joy in simple, everyday experiences. Students may discover the beauty in ordinary objects and moments.
  • Discovery of Beauty: Your courses aim to help students uncover beauty in unexpected places, encouraging a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world's aesthetics.
  • In summary, our painting courses not only focus on technical skills but also on the profound impact that art can have on one's perspective and enjoyment of life. This holistic approach to art education is likely to provide students with a well-rounded and fulfilling learning experience.

How to join the class

  1. Select Your Class Time: Choose a class time that suits your schedule and preferences.
  2. Secure Your Spot: You can contact us to sign up or purchase tickets on Eventbrite.
  3. Confirmation and Class Details: After your confirmation, you'll receive a confirmation email with class location and preparation details.
  4. Day-Before Reminder: A day before the class, expect a reminder email with class time, location, parking information, and last-minute tips.
  5. Class Day: On the scheduled day and time, make sure your art materials are ready and join the class punctually.
  6. Interactive Learning: Engage with your instructor during the class, ask questions, and seek real-time guidance and feedback.

Contact Information:

Booking Email: jingruliart@gmail.com

Mobile: 0487 081 385

Facebook: Jingru Li

Facebook Studio: LJR ART Watercolor & Drawing Classes

Vacations and Leaves:

Studio Vacations: Any class suspension during teacher vacations will be communicated in advance.

Student Leaves: If you need to take time off during a term course, your class hours will be reserved for your return.

Gift Vouchers:

Gift vouchers are available if you wish to gift a term course to a friend or family member.

How to pay

We will send the invoice via Email with our bank details, please transfer to us. In addition, we also publish on other ticketing websites, and you can also pay from there. The link is as follows:


Preparing before starting the watercolour class

Class Preparation Checklist:

  1. Waterproof pen, 2B pencil, eraser.
  2. A box of watercolour paints, according to your budget.
  3. Two jam jars to hold water. One for cleaning the brush, and one for mixing colours. or use a sponge to clean your brush.
  4. A round paint brush, size 0 6 12 & Chinese brush.
  5. watercolour paper 180g or 300g.
  6. Other painting materials will be notified in advance, according to the needs of the subject
  7. You will need to have an open mind. and be able to trust yourself and just play.

(If you need, we can send a list of brand painting tools we use for your reference.)


Do you have any questions or want to enrol at the classes? 
Please leave the message and we will be with you shortly. 

Booking email: jingruliart@gmail.com

Mob: 0487 081 385

Facebook: Jingru Li

Facebook Studio : Watercolor & Drawing Online Classes

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