Mindful & creative art class

 for kids

Mindful and creative art making process helps kids to express their feelings through arts,

re-connect with the authentic and creative inner self.

Most importantly it's relaxing and fun! 

Mindful & creative art class for kids

on Wednesday 4:30pm-5:30pm 15/7-19/8 2020

6 -12 years old
(Materials: Watercolour/Pen/Colour pen/Oil pastel/
baker's clay (made of flour, salt and water)/Collage/Paper cutting)
$30 / one of trial class
$180 / 6 sessions (Art Materials Included)

  • Class 1- Paint how I feel
  • Class 2- Paint with music - coral under the water
  • Class 3- What can I make with Baker's clay?
  • Class 4- Transforming art making
  • Class 5- Discovery the sky
  • Class 6- Mandala(my home planet )

Online reservation

Book your session in time. We will confirm your reservation via email.

Please also let us know any current medical conditions we should be aware of/ Allergies/ Anaphylaxis plan of action/Motivators/ interests of your child.